Petrochemical Inspection Services

Cargo inspection, qualitative and quantitative control, oil testing

Our cargo inspection offer:

  • cargo inspection, quantitative goods control of ship tanks, containers, tank wagons, tanker trucks, wagons, vehicles, store yards
  • pre-shipment inspection and loading and unloading supervision
  • loading and discharging supervision
  • wagon and tanker truck weighing supervision
  • draft survey, ullage
  • container cleanliness inspection
  • sample collection of solid fuels such as: coal, coke and combustion waste products
  • sample collection of solid biofuels and solid recovered fuels from yards, spoil tips, wagons, vehicles
  • sample collection of petroleum products, liquefied petroleum gas and chemicals from containers/ship tanks, tanks, pipelines
  • routine and ultimate lab analysis conducted in in-house labs in Gdynia, Katowice, Małaszewicze and Sokółka
  • sample storage
  • customs tariff code determination


Cargo supervision, cargo loading supervision

Constant presence of our inspectors in ports, shipping docks or border crossing points helps to avoid the exposure of unexpected consequences, financial losses and provides our clients reassurance during the container loading and unloading process. Also confirmation that safety and quality requirements are met. We are always there wherever required by our customers. With our extensive network of branches, we are ready to provide emergency inspections or long-term services anywhere in the country. All operations are conducted in accordance with the highest standards API, ASTM, ISO and EN.