Environmental Testing

Field measurements / Sampling Section

The Sampling Section of J. S. Hamilton offers a wide range of sampling services and field research, in order to ensure safety of the environment and compliance with applicable laws.

As part of the services, we offer accredited water sampling (water from wells, piezometers, surface water, rinsing water, groundwater, rainwater), as well as testing for wastewater with temperature measurement, wastes, soils, sediments.

We provide comprehensive monitoring of landfill sites in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of the Environment on landfill sites, including:

  • measurements on the level and composition of groundwater and draining water,
  • measurements of flow rates and composition of surface water,
  • measurements of emissions and composition of landfill gases,
  • measurements of subsidence and slope stability along with the determination of the structure and composition of landfill mass,
  • measurements of the size of the atmospheric precipitation.

We have long-standing experience in comprehensive analysis of water in swimming pools, SPAs, baths and other places used for bathing.

The scope of our research and analyses corresponds to the criteria included in the Regulation of the Ministry of Health on the supervision over the quality of bathing water and sites used for bathing.

These include measurements on the premises for the following parameters: concentration of free chlorine, general/total, pH, temperature, redox potential and comprehensive research in the physicochemical and microbiological scope, performed in our accredited laboratories.

We hold all the necessary authorizations and certificates, and we constantly improve the quality of our services by participating in proficiency testing programs, internal and external audits, as well as through continuously improving qualifications of our employees.

We have professional measurement apparatus including samplers for average daily sampling, proportional to time or flow, as well as special service cars for transport of laboratory samples under refrigeration, which guarantees high quality and reliability of the performed services.

We have branches and field laboratories throughout the country, so we are able to provide quick sample transport from any place, with secure stability of the obtained material. We can ensure that the results of the analysis will remain perfectly reliable.

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